Old Hammer Green Knight

At the end of last year I decided to redo my very old Bretonnian Green Knight miniature. I started by stripping 99% of the old paint off the miniature, repairing some really bad gaps and repainting with all the new tips and techniques I’ve learned over the ensuing 2+ decades. But first, a look at yesteryear, or where we started:

cira 2003? Not bad for the tabletop and one of the last pieces I ever painted for WHFB

And here is where we ended up:

Darker and more spring greens and yellows!

On to the “base”. I decided that since my Bretonnians had been nerfed, and I really don’t see myself playing WHFB ever again, that I needed to put this fantastical fella into a mini diorama or a vignette.

And thus, here is my entry for Ann’s First of the Year Painting Challenge. Thanks Ann for putting out the Challenge, I had a blast reviving this old fella!

9 thoughts on “Old Hammer Green Knight

  1. You’re welcome and thank you very much for sharing your green knight for the challenge. He is quite a study in green and I think you did a great job with him.

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