The Second Christmas Jeep

Christmas 2020 saw me and my Father-in-Law building the same Tamiya 1/35 scale US Jeep. I finished painting and putting his Jeep into a little diorama. It was shipped and received two weeks ago. You can find that diorama here.

I took a little longer to get mine to a similar state of completeness, in part due to waiting on a resin figure and putting it on hold to complete January’s challenge. In the meantime, a new brick mold was picked up and used to make the building wall.

New techniques used for this build. Homemade silicone mold to make the fan pattern cobblestone road. Detailing the engine-bay with spark-plug wire and painting various components differently a simple olive drab scheme. I tried my hand a scratch building windows and a door, complete with foil curtains! I used plastic putty to add rust texture to the muffler and as shaving cream on the resin figure! I even added a little crate of pilfered Italian wine! I tried my hand at dusting up the windshield using oil paints, pastel chalk and tape masks for the wipers.

The back story for the diorama is two US Military Police somewhere in Italy 1944. Their jeep has decided it didn’t want to turn over this morning, so up goes the hood while waiting for a mechanic to get the little 4×4 truck running again. So why not spend the downtime getting a much needed clean shave!

With that, here is my Christmas Diorama Jeep:

A little side-by-side of the two jeep dioramas:

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