Fembruary 2021 … A Damsel’s Tale

While I don’t want to join another blogging site just so I can “sign-up” for a painting challenge, I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter about this Fembruary Challenge, so here is my submission.

This figure is another Old Hammer figure I dug out of my collection I recently found packed away. Damsels where an interesting painting for me when I first started playing War Hammer Fantasy Battle. I had painted up a Bretonian army (mostly red and white), an Orc and Goblin army (so much green!) and a lizzardman army (lots of turquoise, yellow and red), so the prospect of adding color and magic to my heavy knight melee based army was a nice change. Of the two damsels, this mounted one added blues and an opportunity for early kit-bashing.

I think the actual model was a Vampire Counts model, but I hacked away the overly large sword and replaced it with an over large spell book (from a 40K Inquisitor figure). I used a mounted squire horse, so nothing fancy about the horse. The model was striped the same time as the Green Knight. And yes, I am tiring of painting GW models, so this will be the last for a while!

Anyway, the idea is that she is out and about the lands of fair Brettonia practicing her magic! I used a wooden heart plaque I found while shopping with the wife at her favorite crafter shop, afterall Valentine’s Day is in February as well!

The bridge was hand build, brick-by-brick, and yes I went back to the epoxy water feature well one more time. This time is did work out as expected.

Here are a few more views:

UPDATE 2/25/21: From Mikko, if I link, Alex will do the rest.

8 thoughts on “Fembruary 2021 … A Damsel’s Tale

    1. LOL – I got an old Orc&Goblin Giant, an Chaos Demon and a Lizzardman giant lizard, all my other GW stuff is old painted on in parts! I wouldn’t mind a Master Box of figures to paint together, but I got so much stuff in process or in a box!

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