I Must Be Crazy

So a couple of weeks ago I glued some foam to a wooden plank that I pick-up the same time I picked up the base round for the FW-190 diorama, and tonight I was trying to decide how I was going to make a hill out of the foam and still fit the 1/35 scale bit of armor on the plank. I had the bag of sculpt-a-mold in my hands, when I heard my wife coming home from pilates class, and that’s when inspiration hit me. I still had like half a million plaster cast 1/35 scale half bricks laying around somewhere.

He nice thing about building fake scale walls from plaster bricks is that you can do it while sitting on the sofa with the wife. She has started watching a newly released series about a group of 20-something Muslim girls who start a punk rock band in London. She told me,”we don’t have to watch this …”, and I was like, “heck it’s about punk rock and it’s funny, leave that on!” We binged through all six episodes this evening, but that’s not the crazy part.


What’s crazy is hand laying all those bricks with white glue and tweezers! Especially since 85% of the wall will be blocked by the tank – but you gotta build it to set the scene. I got about 3/4 of the wall completed and decided that was enough for this evening., and I need to think about how I was going to cap off the wall and make it look like there was a hill behind it.

Just a quick WIP update, now its time to go wash off all the glue stuck to my fingers and retire for the evening.


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