MCP: Carnage

I remember Carnage as a spin off from the Spider-man and Venom days, which is to say not much of a boyhood memory at all. I like the sculpt and the paint scheme seems fairly simple, more on that later.

Aside from the Core box set I can’t remember painting many dominate red characters, so I decided to try making him a very bright red to help contrast with the starkness of his secondary color – black. First up was deciding which two hands from the four in the box to choose. In the end I mixed sets, going with the spear and big claw hands. A quick zenith prime, followed by quick red-orange ink base coat for his body and then added some yellow to the inks for the tendrils and we where ready to apply the top coat of a simple Red, a Vallejo RLM 23 red from my German Model Air Luftwaffe paint collection.


Then on to the all the black veins. I think the studio painter must have thicken up what is sculpted on thee miniature, they are much skinner in the grey plastic, so I ended up painting them not very neatly, but he does look good at arms length. The claws all were given a highlight with various dark grey and a little purple mixed in.

Lastly, I got out the Ivory for the eyes and teeth. You can’t really see inside his mouth all that well, but I did add a light purple to his mouth and tongue (a little shade thrown Venom’s way).


Cletus Kasady is the alter-ego of Carnage, and the fact that the symbiote Carnage choose a sadistic serial killer as his host is fitting. From a quick review of his card he is a damage dealing glass-cannon. Carnage has some serious abilities to deal out tons of damage, and a good amount of health. On the other hand, he has great defense against Physical attacks, but only 1 each for energy and mystic. So he looks like a character to make against heavy Physical attack players and someone you might not want to activate early, unless he’s in a postiion to getting dazed or KO’ed. Like several other characters I have in my collection, he’s there because of his box-mate! Still, I haven’t found a miniature in this game that I haven’t enjoyed painting and displaying.

As far as Affiliations go, he only helps fill out one: Spider-Foes. I still need to pick-up the Lizard and Kraven box to complete that group of classic Marvel Villains. Unfortunately that box is still running fairly high in price on eBay, so maybe that is a spring purchase.

A final shot of all the boys together:


7 thoughts on “MCP: Carnage

  1. Carnage looks amazing, great work Eric! I found his veins a bit of a pain to paint too so I’m glad that you made them come out so well. I quite like that Carnage has remained an unmitigated villain through the years, even as many of the baddies from my youth have become more like anti-heroes – looking particularly at Venom in this case.

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    1. Agreed! And thank-you on the kind words on the painting, those veins are a real pain in the butt to paint, I almost painted them first, but then realized how many there are and the red paint might not cover all of them. In the end I held the model at arm’s length and decided it looked good!


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