MCP: Daredevil

Daredevil, Punisher, Spider-Man, yes please and more! One of my all time favorite comic book heroes, who sadly did not transition to the big nor small screen well. Anyway, I can see DD and Spidey (in all his MCP forms) teaming up for a fun game of MCP!

Sadly, Atomic Mass Games choose to make the figure more like the Ben Affleck’s Movie DD than the comic book styled DD I fell in love with as a kid. They did add the intertwined DD and devil’s horns, so at-least we have that! I choose to start base coating with a very dark cheery red (made from a 10-1 ratio of Vallejo’s Hull Red and Black). I then highlighted him up using a various blends of Vermillion and Hull Red. I also made use of Tamiya’s black enamel panel liner over a gloss coat to get all the lining and deep armored panels. This meant tow extra airbrush steps (one to gloss and one to bring the matt finish back), but it was much easier than trying to line all that with ink and very fine brush!

Again, I would have much rather had the smooth skin suit and inked that up! I also choose to do his horns, eyes and DD’s in pure Vermillion Red, while shading the baton caps and belts in lighter shades of red to make them stand out a bit more.

This is the miniature AMG should have made!

Lastly, I just could find a good way to use a grave stone on a sidewalk base, so I headed over to Thingiverse and found a model of a gargoyle water spout and printed it out on the 3D printer. I opted to make it a black/bronze color and added streaky green patina. The patina runs “down” the gargoyle as if it was attached to the side of a building, but on the base it’s fallen off the building, impacting the sideway, cracking the concrete and laying on its side! Our hero is using the bronze statue to land on from some unknown hight as he fires a wired baton at a street-level thug!

I give you my version of MCP’s DareDevil:

A little posing with the villain and hero from the same box, Matt and Ben.

Building tip. Do not add the baton whip arm until you are nearly finished. I plugged up the body cavity with blue tack and painted every thing together, only adding the arm after I was satisfied with the look. Painting around that swirling mass of cord would have driving me crazy with touch-up or missed areas.

12 thoughts on “MCP: Daredevil

    1. Unfortunately I haven’t played a full game. The wife and I played some “learn the mechanics” quick games when I first got the Core Box Set, and it is nice system, moves quickly, dice rolls are easy to resolve, but as far as a full game, hopefully before years end. Even if that doesn’t ever happen, I’m enjoying painting up the character, so it keep me interested in the hobby!

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  1. Nice, that is some top work. I have to agree about the whip / baton thing; it looks quite cool but it is a pain for practical use as it’s fiddly to paint round and liable to break during transport or gaming. Great painting.

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