3D Printer Back in Action

Life has started to fall back into a rhythm, and that is good, but I’m still not finding enough time to move projects forward as fast as I’d like, nor find time to game (insert sad face).

With that said, I have my youngest son and my nephew (with family in tow) coming for a visit over the Thanksgiving holiday happening next week here in the US. We are planning to get in several games of Zombicide and maybe some MCP! This is good news and has spurred me into action.

While not getting in enough hours of painting time to get all the characters for MCP ready for play, I can have the 3D Printer whirling away while I work, workout and sleep! To that end I have purchased a bundle package of .stl files from Corvus Games Terrain. Since I always thought AMG missed the mark by not offering a NYC police cruiser, that was the first thing I printed:

A second small (size 3 terrain) piece is also off the printer, I give you Jobba the Cup’s Coffee Shop!

I tried using automotive filler primer for the first time on my 3D prints, it worked pretty good, but then I covered it all up with a flat black to give me a nice black undercoat and a bit of pre-shading.

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