Way Off Topic

Two rants.

  1. I’m starting to get the hang of this new editor for WordPress, but two little things still make me scratch my head: The scheduler for posts never really seems to work and having my favorites on the + button.

    Every time I go to schedule a post, it either goes immediately or it resets for earlier than I wanted and the post stays in draft mode (this happened on my last post this morning, as it was supposed to post last night at 10, but this morning it was thinking it needed to wait until 10 am yesterday!??
  2. This one is related to a blog post I read from Boganwald last night. It’s COVID related. This past weekend, and this summer, when my in-laws were visiting, they have repeated the same story about Hospitals benefiting monetarily from just listing COVID-19 on a chart regardless of the cause of death. The example given is always of a motorbike accident where the dead rider is tested for COVID so the hospital can get more money.

    When pressed, the facts of how this would work get fuzzy, but it is used a way to downplay the pandemic. So I finally jumped out to factcheck.org and found this article explaining the false story. If I had to guess, these false social media antidotes got picked-up by FoxNews and presented as fact (for my non-US readers, FoxNews has become the number one “news” source for Trump supporters and rarely presents the truth if it shows him in a bad light).

    I’m posting this here, because I know my Mother-in-law reads my blog from time to time, and she and her husband need to know the facts, and they won’t listen to science, so maybe reading an independent fact check will help them understand that this pandemic is real.

5 thoughts on “Way Off Topic

  1. As I recall the motorcycle incident happened locally and the family was pretty upset the the cause of death was listed as COVID-19. However, I am not interested in doing further research on the incident today. I am sorry that it is so distressing to you that it made your blog. I do follow the material presented as science from many places such as the CDC, some medical journals domestic and foreign., etc. What I notice is that there is not a clear understanding yet. Even the reports given on ABC. nightly news have not been consistent. My experience as a Public Health Nurse in Maine has taught me that epidemiology is a pretty fluid science. When I see everyday events that contradict the current analysis, I feel free to speculate on the meaning of the anomaly.
    I love that you interested in keeping informed and taking care of my daughter and yourself!
    We really appreciated spending Christmas with you and Christi. Reg really enjoyed his Jeep time!


  2. Sorry I missed the last line! I believe the pandemic is real! People have died. I am not 100% solid on the management of the pandemic. I am not that confident the masks are as effective as reported. I worry about people who have lost jobs, businesses and homes. I am sad about the people who have committed suicide as a result. I am concerned about the domestic abuse that is going on and the excessive use of alcohol and drugs due to the lockdowns. I am worried about the loss of education.
    People are still dying of COVID-19.


    1. All of that was caused by voting party over country, sorry to say. Most could have be avoided if we had a national plan, accepted that the pandemic as real back in February and not thrown out the pandemic plans the Obama administration put in place. I’m sorry you guys feel inconvenienced by the science of fighting a Novel deadly virus that has turned the US from a first world nation to a second-class nation at best. I just thank the gods, that we as a nation have stopped the downward spiral by throughly rejecting the politics of trumpism!


    1. I agree, but most of the time the new editor works, and then I’m halfway through typing when I realize that I can’t find what I’m looking for and need to switch. Seems like WordPress has changed from a blog format to more of a business website generator.

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