A Painting Challenge

So over at Ann’s Immaterium, she has posted up a January Painting Challenge just before Christmas. It got me thinking about my old GW miniatures that I still have in various boxes in storage. Previous to that Challenge being announced, the wife put together an “exploding box” for our step-grandson, so she needed a small interesting charm to put into the center of the box. I immediately thought I might still have some of the old GW metal Squig Hoppers in said storage boxes.

Sure enough I found them, so I grabbed one that I was sure my son had painted himself when he was 13 or so. This got me thinking about a post by bogenwald and seeing if I could improved some of my old first miniatures. With some downtime today, darn winter head colds, I set about digging through the box I pulled for the Squig and found this guy.

The Brettonian Green Knight! One of the last Fantasy Battle Miniatures I painted, circa 2002?

He looked awesome on the tabletop back in the day, but then my group shortly there after switched over to 40k and before the summer of 2004, the group was done and all the miniatures and gaming bits went into storage. I think I may strip this figure down, re-assemble, paint and put it into a small vignette.

What I can’t decide is if I keep the armor metallic, make it golden/brassy – or- go wild and find a way to make it a metallic green! Still thinking more white and a hint of green might be the way to go.

9 thoughts on “A Painting Challenge

  1. Thank you for mentioning the challenge. The knight would be a worthy first miniature for 2021. Not only is it old and it is good to see old miniatures get a new life, but I also admire a warrior who has figured out a good way to haul around all of those polearms. Maybe he needs a squire? 🙂

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    1. Just jumped on the internet to see what Turbodork paints has to offer, since I hadn’t heard of them before. FauxHammer had a really nice comprehensive write-up, and he actually used the two greens that I liked in an example. Not sure about the results. Amazon has the paints for $6-ish per, which is a little pricey for paint that may not ever get used again. First up is trying some green ink over silvers and brass metallics that I already have. Thanks for the heads-up on a new paint line!

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    1. That works for me! I stripped the old mini today, so tomorrow starts the process of review, repair, & reassembly. Should be ready to prime by the new year! Still working out a paint scheme in my head, now is the time to focus!

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