I still Hate New York

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything.  I have a short, short story hanging out there in the draft section, but I haven’t worked on it in several weeks.  Work has picked up, and that’s good.  Just got back from Chicago, where I lost my prescription sunglasses, second pair in two years!

So today was spent at the local mall, mostly waiting for a new pair to be made.  The real problem is today was the first time in ten days that I cycled.  In the meantime, I’ve been eating in airports and fast food for lunch as my schedule is all screwed up.  Right now I’m looking for some normalcy.  Part of that will be getting the wife and dog down here from NY.  All our stuff being here would be nice too.

In the last couple of weeks we have had our share of ups and downs.  We thought we had the NY house under contact, so we have set-up the movers and travel and hotel, etc, etc, etc…  Then they want to back out after the inspector the hire tells them we have a structural issue with the house.  We tell them bring in a contractor and show us the $1500 repair limit NYS requires for return of earnest monies.  Of course this “contractor” finds that he would need to spend $1800 to “repair” the non-functioning French drains.  He didn’t even check to see that the sump pump, to which the drains drain into, kicks on every hour or so.  This of course means that the drains are works exactly as designed.

We called the company that has the structure warranty for the B-Dry system that is draining the water from the foundation.  They came out and said that other than some maintenance issues, which they will take care of for $100, the system is functioning find.  Of course the New York Lawyers we have working this, still won’t help us fight to keep the earnest money.

Now, when the wife puts her notice in, they tell her she has to work the full two weeks or they won’t give her a reference.  Pretty shitty, considering they have walked every other employee out the door the day the resigned.  This really screws up all of our plans.  I’ve got to work to see what a new move date would be if we re-sechduled, plus move rental car, airline and hotel reservations.  New York is still screwing us, and that’s just not the now house sale part.


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