I don’t know how I ended up on the angry WordPress pages.  They were decrying the “barbaric” act of circumcision.  Most of the articles are written by women, which I just find comicial.  They make claims like: the procedure is painful and boys remember that pain for the rest of their lives; the circumcised penis loses sensitivity; It’s healthier; and it feels better for women during intercourse.

Okay, here’s the skinny.  Being circumcised myself, I can tell you I remember nothing from infancy, heck I believe I only remember my childhood before the age of two, due to stories from my parents and grandparent.

The loss of sensitivity claim is an interesting one.  Since no one has anything to compare it to, how would you know, either way.  However, if the claim that uncircumcised men have more sensitivity, maybe that explains all the products out there to cure premature ejaculation!

Health.  Study after study shows lower HIV (by as much as 40%) in circumcised African men, also much lower (unto 70%) transference of other ST diseases from men to women.  Cleanliness is certainly not an issue for me, no smegma, so foreskin to pull back in the shower, no extra susceptible bacterial friendly cells.

I can’t believe women feel any difference during intercourse, as the foreskin retracts when fully erect.

One finally thought … appearance.  Now I may be bias here, but few times I’ve been in locker rooms and seen uncircumcised penises, the look like something you would see on a dog.  I think the Old Testament was correct when God told the Jews to circumcise their boys to separate them from the lower animals.


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