MCP: Enchantress

You would have thought with my love of Vikings and Norse mythology I would have been into the Thor comic books, alas no. I was a web-head growing up, probably due to the 1960’s cartoons of my wee youth. Anyway, I purchased this dual box set for Angela, so we could round out the Guardians Affiliation, so with Enchantress we head back to greens!

Taking a look at all the other Asgardians, they are more shades of green than the other colors and often very dark, but lots of blonde hair! Since I have lots of greens from scale model building, time to march ahead with the lass. This is my comic inspiration picture:

This would have made a really cool pose for the minature!

Unlike Angela, I opted to go with a slightly darker, tanned skin tone, it’s less obvious as she doesn’t have as much skin to paint!


12 thoughts on “MCP: Enchantress

      1. I’m not displeased, just had several options when it came to light vs dark green placement from the various comics I researched, each time I bounced back and forth between 3 different bits of cover artwork. I finally just landed down some paint and decided that this was the look. Again, she looks great on the tabletop, very hard to not know who she is, and that kinda is the goal 😉

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  1. Really nice work on her, mate. Like yourself, I never had much interest in Thor and was also a web-head, though with sides of X-Men and Punisher and so on. The greens have come up really nicely!

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  2. Looking great! You’ve done a really good job matching your chosen source picture with Amora. I don’t think that she works especially well in Asgard but she is wonderful with Red Skull in Cabal. Of course, on single extract Crises like Alien Ship she can be back breaking to play into.

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