Second Printing

Following on a lengthy comment conversation from this post, these types of interactions make the blog worth it, I decided to print a second Subway entrance. The bottom was the same print file, same minor defects, but perfectly acceptable for tabletop play, but this time I replaced the top. The basic change was to add Tree support in hopes to keep the very front roof area from having filament overhang failures that would need sanding and repair before priming and painting.

The supports did help with the front entrance issues, and surprisingly it helped with the side railings, bonus! Below is a picture of all the supports pulled from the print, it looks like a ton of PLA, but the tree supports and hollow funnel like branches that weave in and around the model, only touching overhangs lightly to keep the filament from dropping of into space. All this extra PLA added a few grams of waste, but increased the print time by about 5-hours, which didn’t matter to me as I started the print yesterday evening and 18-hours later – viola! In terms of cost, the amount of electricity used for the extra time is like running a 60-watt light incandesce light bulb (not much). All together the entire subway entrance cost me 30-hours of printing time and less than $5 of PLA filament.


So Guru wanna printed subway entrance for $4 plus shipping?

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