April Wrap Up

Quick pictorial wrap up for April and Ann’s “Paint the Crap You Already Own”. Ann’s April Challenge. Thanks for the challenges Ann!

Model Count for April is 18, that’s not counting the 8 figures separate from the 88 flak kit! Year to date is 72!

First up, three scale model dioramas. Four scale model kits, placed into three diorama bases – all bases scratch built, all kits purchased in November 2019!

Next up all the 3D printed bits, everything but Groot where printed in March during my first self-quarantine, just ran out of time to paint them up when work resumed!

Onward to May! More Scale Models in the pipeline, and possibly some old WH40k minis that have been boxed up for at least 10 years!

Looking forward to see if Ann puts up another challenge!

2 thoughts on “April Wrap Up

  1. Nice work. That bust of the plague doctor / commissar is really cool – how long did it take to print and work on?

    You also might want to check the tags set up in WordPress as there is a typo in the one that is supposed to say 3D Printing.

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    1. The Plague Doctor was a 15-16 hour print, over night for sure. He has lot’s of print faults, most likely from temperature variations that the craft room goes through as the temperatures were big swings this spring. Painting it up took a couple of days, as I did a little here and a little there, I tried mixing different colors into the black paint to generate different hues of black. Other than the brown of his robes, the blues and purples didn’t really stand out. Once all the black was done, the rest fell together in an afternoon.
      Tags! Ha, I never use them, so I’m not surprised I misspelled a word – I’m truly a terrible speller.

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