US Politics: Ron DeSantis can suck my balls!

****Rant Mode Activated****

Link to the latest crazy neo-Nazi crap going on in the state of Flordia Basically, if you write a blog about the dear leader, oops, the Governor of Florida, the state is considering a new bill that would require you to file as a political lobbyist. Okay, that headline is my “shots fired!” post.

Hey Florida, come and get me! I have zero desire to ever step foot in that miserable cesspool of a state ever again, and unless required by work related travel, I don’t see any reason to give them any of my money. Vacations will be spent up above the Mason-Dixon Line.

And for a guy who hates anyone that isn’t white and Protestant or a fascist, you gotta wonder who wore the white boots better? Ms. Green M&M candy or the author of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” anti-education bill:

You could say my mental health day (i.e. working from home on a Friday), is off to a fantastic start – time to go make a Dunkin’s run.

******Rant mode off*******

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