N-Scale Adventures: Armaco Steel Yard Workshop

One of the first things I did while the year was still young was to surf eBay for “stuff”. One of the things I pick-up, another seller discount offer, was a little pre-assembled Steel Yard Workshop. I thought I was buying a “to assemble kit”, but it arrived all built in grey plastic, and since I had a similar building 3D printed, but not looking too good, I put the little building away.

While waiting for paint to dry – that sounds like the start of a bad dad joke – and the airbrush was behaving, I decided that the little building could use a custom paint job. Some Burnt Aluminum for the roof and US Light Earth for the walls and we have a decidedly under stated RailRoad yard building. Oh and the door was painted a Neutral Grey, because I wanted some contrast and it was already out! Of course we couldn’t leave the building shinny new, so some pastel power and a quick seal with some matt varnish and voila~


Oh and what the hell is Armco? According the packaging, Armco was a 1940’s company that made basic industrial warehouses and other steel buildings. I think the packaging suggesting light blue colored walls with a grey roof was more prototypical colors for the 1970-1980 era buildings, but the look is classic. Now I just need to find time to work on the layout some this little gem can find a home.


9 thoughts on “N-Scale Adventures: Armaco Steel Yard Workshop

    1. Thanks! I will have to make some shinny new buildings at some point, but I figure anything on the railroad would be a bit grimy, especially in the Steam Engine transition to Diesel era (I think there was a lot less interest in air pollution in the 1950’s and 60’s).

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  1. No hiding now Eric I’ve found your blog ! LOL Wonderful work on the building, just the right amount of weathering for the scale, would have been easy to go overboard

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