Hobby Update

In the vein of that most famous of lines from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, “I’m not quite dead yet”. No I’m not dead, I’ve just been brow-beaten at work and trying my hand at various projects all at the same time. This time of the year, here in the northern hemisphere, there just doesn’t seem like there is enough daylight to get stuff done. Throw in some seasonal and work depression and there you go.

I’ve been trying to focus on finishing one project at a time, it’s really hard for me as I usually have 2 or 3 in various stages at most times. To keep something going on days that I can’t get to the bench or waiting on paint to dry and cure, I’ve thrown myself into playing with electronics and the ardunio micro-controller the wife got me for recently past the Winter Festival! Mostly I remember that coding is 75% de-bugging.

I’ve been running through the kit’s basic sketches, and learning bits by bits. I have two projects that I really want to jump into from the model railroad – remote turnout control and automating a turntable. I think my real issue is watching too many YouTube videos and getting too “cute” with the coding and components. As an example, there is one guy doing a really nice series of videos and blog posts walking a turntable set-up from the basic to a really robust set-up. The problem is he never shows how he rigs the hardware to the Arduino. All the wiring is buried in a box. If he would have provided a schematic, I could at least have a shot at getting the wiring correct. Unfortunately, I’m not an electrician, so I need to scale back and build up slowly.

Okay enough whining, so here’s an N-scale resin car I quickly painted up, a 1950’s Chevy Sedan!


10 thoughts on “Hobby Update

      1. With the running regime or the automation? Ha Ha! (My running days are far behind me, the knees and shins are hurting just thinking about it, button a few months cycling season will be here!)

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      1. I’ve been thinking about this! If the chrome trim is raised, it might be worth painting that first and then painting up to it with the body and window colours. I find I get neater lines if I paint up to raised areas with the colours next to them, but that might just be the way my eyes work!

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      2. I generally try that approach, but the trim isn’t really raised, again it’s the scale and the limits of resin casting. I just used the edge of my brush, but I should have used a better brush. In fact I need to go through my brushes and decide which need replacing. I’m pretty hard on brushes, so I tend to just go get the mid range quality one from the local hobby/craft store.

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  1. I’m no electrician either so that saves me from trying complex things in regards to the dio’s I do, the boys that can put light into there’s are to be admired!! Neat car mate , I didn’t realize it was so small.

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