Today marks the second anniversary of a very dark day in modern American politics. Two years ago today a mob of right-winging mostly white christian nationalist stormed the capital, on the orders of our outgoing President, in order to disrupt the peaceful and lawful transfer of power. This mobs goals were clear from their actions and chants, they intended to stop the counting of electors, install “their guy” and do bodily harm to thee party in opposition to “their guy”. Indeed they did manage to kill 6 capital police officer, and one brave Secret Service agent killed one coward, keeping them from breaching the House Chambers until they could clear the gallery.

Many of that day’s rioter have been prosecuted and still more still in jail cells waiting to find out their fates (And many have whined about how unfair it is that their lives have been destroyed by the governments prosecution of their crimes), and yet the ring leader sits in this cheeseburger and diet coke fill mansion in Florida, trying to run again for the highest office in the the land.

He will no t serve a day in jail, but very may well die while confined to home arrest, as long as we can keep the MAGA party out of power – not that they are doing a very good job of the slim majority they hold in the House of Representatives thus far, I mean they can’t even elect a Speaker so that the deliberative body of Congress can actually start functioning!

I have high hopes that my fellow countrymen will see the light, but it’s going to be several generations before we can rest and be sure the Authoritarians are gone. Until that time, which I fully expect will out last my lifetime, I will continue to vote and root for the politicians that want to continue with the American Democracy Experiment.

*** Steps off soapbox and returns to our regularly scheduled hobby blog ***


6 thoughts on “Insurrection

  1. I don’t want to like this – because it was a dark day for our country – yet many still think it wasn’t anything to get upset about. It will be a long – long slog back to a normal disfunction in this country – HOBBY TIME TAKE ME AWAY … ok – I feel better now.

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    1. Yes, I didn’t want to write the post, but this is a really rough time in our history. I feel your pain, I work with a bunch of bible toting hillbillies, they are full on MAGA. It’s depressing to come to work everyday – but hobby time is my savior!

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  2. Democracy is an endless struggle. The threat has been present from the start of the USA and will exist until the end of the USA. It is unfortunately in the nature of humanity it seems. I would like to see all the insurrectionists brought to justice, from the top to the bottom but I am not optimistic. I wish I knew the solution to fixing everything wrong with American political leadership.

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