2022: Year End Review

I must be getting old, because the years seem to be slipping by much more quickly. If you asked me, 2000 was just a few years ago, not 22! Anyway, this is mostly a hobby blog, so let’s get around to seeing how we did on the 2022 hobby/blog goals.

At the end of December 2021 I set a few goals for 2022. I did achieve 4 out of 6, maybe 5.

  1. Dioramas. I had a goal of 6 if I got ambitious. Well I guess I was ambitious, I got 13 completed. Five of those were various flying circus WWI planes. I made one base and parked each plane on the base, but each did get it’s own pilot!
  2. MCP miniatures. The goal was a box per month, mission accomplished!
  3. Large Scale painting, I wanted to give this a try, and I ended up doing 3!!
  4. Blogging. The goal was one post per week and I nearly doubled that effort.
  5. Games Workshop Gaming. I did head over the the local GW Store and tried my hand some Kill Team, it just didn’t click.
  6. Gaming. I got a few games in, but nowhere near the every other week.

I’m not sure setting a bunch of goals is the best plan. It feels good to do it, but I rarely come back to this page to review them. Outside of hobby, I set a few personal goals, generally goals that I want to grow into good habits, so it’s easier to achieve and change if need be, by choice or circumstance.

Anyway, I’m going to throw out a few.

  1. Dioramas and vigenettes. I have quite a few models on the shelf, and I’ve added more this month, so I think the 2021 goal is still a good one – one every other month. The habit? Work on one at a time. Far too many times I start two or three, because I like the building process, and then one or two sit while I work on painting, and in the end I rush the base work, because I want to clear the work bench and get building more models. I have to move ideas from my head to completion.
  2. MCP. I have a large collection of miniatures. They are simple to paint and I really like the idea of having a miniature of comic book heroes and villains from my youth, but since the gaming opportunities as few and far between, I think 12 boxes is too many. I see them as the off month filler, so 6 boxes for 2023.
  3. Model Rail Roading. A rekindled passion. I like the idea of combining so many hobbies into one larger hobby. I would like to get the table layout up and running sessions. I would like to get at least 75% of the scenery built. I want to work on automation, which will force me to learn new skills!
  4. Gaming. Zombicide should be a regular flex. I’ve started a “meet-up” group, so let’s see if I can get some regular gaming events scheduled and run. The new Kickstarter needs to be painted, as well was some of it sold. Five Parsecs from Home and/or a WWII based solo gaming effort is something I’d like to rekindle. Sounds like a weekly gaming night might be the way to go, Just need to find the time.

So that’s it. It looks simple written down, but there is a ton of work behind those goals. And I need to be realistic about time for hobby, as each one could be a very large time sink all on its own!

This post makes my 10th in a row not sure I’ve ever posted that many times, back-to-back-to-back …., and starting tomorrow I’ll be traveling to visit faraway family (actually, I think I’m the family that is faraway from everyone else) and will most likely break this cycle.

8 thoughts on “2022: Year End Review

  1. Great stuff – and as for the goals it depends on how you look at them – I see them as writing down things I’d like to get done with full understanding that circumstances will change them – both “life happens” stuff as well as changes in personal focus over the 365 days!
    Enjoy the break and family time – and have a great New Years!

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  2. You’ve done well with what you’ve accomplished this year and it’s generally gone to plan by the sound of things! Revised plans for next year sound realistic as well so will be good to read about it as it happens! Hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday season and meeting up with family! πŸ™‚

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  3. A great stack of achievements mate! I with you on the time thing, my family thinks I’m loosing it went I say”didn’t we just do that the other week!”when it was months past.
    No lists for me as I can never keep to them!!

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