What itch have you been scratching?

Back in September I scaled down, printed, assembled and painted this HO-scale Signal Tower. The original concept was to see if the 3D printer could make passable N-scale models, and I think for larger structures it should work, maybe not centerpieces, the turntable aside, but for adding to the world, yeah they’ll do.

This little model has been sitting on the “to complete” table since then, as without some stairs it just didn’t look the part – 3D printing those little fiddle parts just didn’t print for me. Last weekend I picked up a bunch of railings, stairs, ladders and flat styrene stock in the correct scale. This past weekend I finally sat down and started cutting and measuring.

Needed my strongest readers to get all the small stuff cut and glued! But I did finally get the stairs and decks to the a place that fit the model and primed everything Sunday evening. Monday every thing got painted, and superglued into place. Since I had to use a CA accelerant to set the CA, I waited until this evening to do touch-ups.

I just placed the piece on the switching layout for pictures, as I’ve yet to find a place I want to permanently fix the building, but I think it looks good. Good enough that I think I may print up another and now having the confidence to scratch build the stair case, do a better job and attached it before painting! That build could go with the turntable or find a home on the Main layout.


Just goes to show you that you can teach an old dog new tricks!


4 thoughts on “What itch have you been scratching?

  1. I totally agree mate,I’m an old one and the wife has just taught me to roll over and stop snoring ,well thats what she says!! great job on the tower mate, I just had a spell in the big smoke and I saw some of these old ones on the train trip still standing at the old stations out in the country.

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    1. LOL! I just put in ear plugs when the e\wife is snoring! You can still find some older railroad building here on the east coast of the US, usually on a rails-to-trials path. Far too many of the old structures fell into disrepair and were replaced with modern structures. I just wish they would build with some flair like they did 100 years ago.

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