It’s the Little things

I have said it often, but there are so many things I miss about living above the Mason-Dixon Line – that is to say in the Northeastern part of the United States.

This past week I was in and around the Detroit area for work, and just driving around reminded me how much I miss so many little things. Things like people who drive fast, but understand that the left lane is for passing, not lallygagging, highways with all the exist and entrance ramps on the right, and food with flavor and character.

This morning it hit me again, this time with smells. One of the food items you really have to look for in the bible-belt is any bread other than basic white bread. Back home, you can get most any style and flavor of bread at any local grocery store. Growing up in Philadelphia, one of the classic breakfast smells is toasting rye bread. We have lucked out that the local grocery store near our house carries a national chain’s rye bread – I have a standing order with the wife that when she goes shopping and they have rye or pumpernickel on the shelf, pick-up a loaf!

This morning, I decide to throw a couple of slices on the flat iron skillet and toast it on the stovetop. The smell of the rye roasting brought childhood memories flooding back. Sometimes it’s the little things that keep you happy. Someday I’ll be back up North and leave all the culture-less and flavor-less South behind … some day.


5 thoughts on “It’s the Little things

  1. I love the food here in Germany but I do miss cuisine from Upstate New York, especially in autumn. Lots of excellent bread in the bakeries here but I just can not find the kind of pumpernickel bread I remember from my youth.

    That said, having lived in the South for a bit back in the 20th Century I do not remember the food there being that bad. There are a number of things I am not keen on in various Southern States but food was never one of them.

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