Zombicide: Wanted, Undead or Alive

Just before I left for Las Vegas last Saturday morning, a large box showed up on the front porch, yes my kick started from Cmon arrived! Boo, I was gonna be traveling through to Tuesday!

Today I was able to open the box and explore the contents. This is what I found:

Holy moly that I lot of stuff, unfortunately the “Dead West” box is mostly survivors, 51 additional actors in fact! Now the box does include 15 new walkers, they don’t really add much, but extra walkers are always good. The unique abominations are always welcomes. Bottom line, the 51 survivors are most likely headed to an eBay auction!

The “Running Wild” expansion, along with the Lone Rider pack adds some flavor with horses and riders (and I mean really what’s a good western without horses!). I think the “Dead Stock”, “Long Dead Walkers” and “Abominape vs Crocosaur” boxes could add some interesting plot twists.

There is an alternate world play which adds Steampunk to the game, I haven’t cracked the “Gear&Guns” box to see if anything other than new figures are in the box. In general it seems like a ton of survivors, way more than I would need, even with the companions special rules.

Over all it’s more of a Season 2 reboot into the American wild west. There are some twists added to the version I play more often than not – the Bang/Boom noise token that follows the loudest noise around the board, moving spawn zones, no doors and corpse makers for building entrance zombie spawns just to start. Oh and there is the option of a Steam Engine in the core rule set!

So there is a ton of stuff to open, look through and decide if it’s worth keeping or pushing out onto eBay. Hopefully, tomorrow we can get a quick couple of intro missions in and see if the game play is good enough to keep the new iteration or not. It might be worth a couple of box sets just of for the alternate world setting and minature painting opprotunties. And who can argue with the ability to solo play when head-to-head play is so rare for me these days.

That’s all for now.


9 thoughts on “Zombicide: Wanted, Undead or Alive

      1. Yeah, the only issue I can foresee is the one Brute sculpt has a lot of stuff going on and it would be a shame to keep him all browns and muted colors. We’ll see as I’ve got lots of stuff on my hobby plate at the moment, so I’m thinking spring 2023?


  1. That is a seriously impressive array of gaming possibilities. I’d be relieved that it arrived before leaving town as having it sitting around on my doorstep for a few days would make me a bit nervous too. I hope you enjoy testing it out and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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    1. LOL – I had no idea when the box was to arrive, only heard that shipments had started in the US in late October. Lucky for us, we have a dog sitter and she would have brought the big box in off the front porch!
      Give me a few weeks to run through some games and I’ll put my thoughts out there!

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