Old Age

The last couple of months I have been complaining to the wife about how much darker movies and TV series have gotten, especially if the scene is in a dark location or at night. After hearing myself drone on about this during one of the last “Rings of Power” episodes, I was pretty sure I was channeling my dear old Pops. He used to complain about the volume levels of TV shows and the smaller letters being used in “modern” shows (this was the late 80’s!). Truth be told, the old man was nearly deaf and his near-sight was finally catching up with his 70 year old body!

Alas while on vacation this fine Sunday with lots of time on my hands (waking up on Eastern time will physically being on Pacific time), I jumped on the old YouTube and found this little nugget. Basically, since directors are able to shoot digitally, they can see exactly how a scene looks; while back in the olden times, they shot on film and had to wait until screenings to see if what the shot was usable. This had the effect of directors shooting these scenes with lots of light and then applying a filter in post production.

Call me old fashion if you must, but I do prefer to see what is going on, even in night scenes! I like the looks of a slightly darker filter to indicate nighttime or a dark cave. One of the better shows I’ve watched lately, that put this to full effect was Marvel’s “Werewolf by Night” special. It was shot in Black and White, used digital filters and even had those old time reel-to-reel effects added to make it feel like a movie shot on film! (Side tangent, if you have Disney+ go watch this special, it’s in the MCU phase 4, but isn’t anything like any of the newer Marvel/Disney stuff)

Anyway, that’s me just killing time and not trying to feel like my dear old dad – complaining about everything new! Oh and for those wondering, yes we did have a major victory for freedom and Team Normal this mid-term election cycle – the Pro-democracy party just won back the US Senate and has a 50/50 shot at keeping the House as well. So for now, we can all say “Fuck you Trump” and breathe a little easier, but not give up on our vigilance to roll back White Evangelical Nationalism. Damn but that’s a mouthful, Im just going back to calling them NAZIs.

Cheers! Off to go watch to live and in person Professional Football!


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