Large Scale: Number 2

I had a simple goal for 2022, just try painting a larger scale figure or bust. I did that and I liked the process, so I’m giving it another go! This time I purchased the figure from someone selling a original branded name, not a cheap knock off. Very big difference in quality. For one, I was hard pressed to find any air bubble holes of places where the resin just didn’t flow all the way into the mold.

The subject this time is a non-specific Barbarian. I’m thinking Conan-like settings as opposed to say history or LotR or GoT.


Below is the figure after a little zenith priming (light source coming from the figure’s left and above (from thee photo’s right side). As I will not be using speed or contrasty paints, but a combination of regular acrylics and oils, these photo will be reference material for where to lay down the hard shadowed areas as well as a rough guide for blending zones between shadows and highlights.

barbarian Zen.001
Well that collection of pictures came out an underwhelming size. I might just have to go back and redo this little collage.

I think the finished look is going to be a ruddy/tanned Viking with reddish/brown hair, and some bronze-ish armor plate on the mostly leather “armor”. I really wasn’t sure how to finish the left side of the armor because I’m still not sure what that strap with teeth (?) is, so in the end I added a bit of color and went with a green colored skin and a boney color on the “teeth”.

At the last minute I decided to try my hand at some free-hand tattoos. I mixed up some blue and black ink until I got a dark blue-ish color that looked like tattoo ink (no real life references for me) and then added some basic skin tone acrylic paint to the mix to get a faded look. The ink flowed very nicely, and I didn’t want to build-up a large tattoo on my first go around, so just some simple Celtic symbols that I felt I could replicate in scale. All-in-all, this took me around 2-months of off-and-on sessions – mostly on the weekends to finish.

And now, on to the finished 2nd bust for 2022.



10 thoughts on “Large Scale: Number 2

  1. This barbarian seems like he might be heavily inspired by Kratos from God of War, though that could be a coincidence. Either way, I like the color scheme you chose and he does not seem like a pleasant person to run into at all either!

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