Weekend Popsicle Build

Some of my faithful readers will remember that I spent the last week of July working in Italy … in the middle of a fucking heatwave! Four 12-hours days working with fiberglass and ceramic fibers in temperatures between 97 – 98 (103 and 105 heat index), plus Italy’s lack of air conditioning (except from 6pm until 3am) made for a very tired and jet lagged modeler upon my return late Friday evening.

Before I left, I knew my in-laws where going to be spending much of the weekend with us – the sister-in-law was already at the house when I got there on Friday evening – so I knew I needed a quick, simple project to keep my father-in-law occupied. That’s where the little popsicle Piper came in. Things started off well Saturday morning, as I had precut two complete kits and pre-assembled a sanding stick for each of us. Got the bodies glued up and the wings sanded.

Jet Lag kicked in and while I slept, every one else when out to a local winery. They dallied longer than I expected, so I set upon shaping the body. We did more work together once they got home, but he lost steam, while I pushed on. I had to push on, because the longer the day and evening when on, the more MAGA talking points where bandied about. I find it so confusing that anyone at this point in time could still support people or a party that openly wants to destroy the American experiment.

So here is a quick video link of what a real President looks like compared to a monster: https://youtu.be/Eyv8NeGsYrg

So by Saturday evening I had every thing sanded and assembled, ready for some wire to be added. Sunday was more of the same, I left him to his building tasks and I primed my little plane. Of course there was more jet lag induced sleep and I worked on a few other projects. I did manage to get some US Olive Green paint over the primer, as I wanted to set this little plane up as WWII observation plane.

Come the beginning of the week work once again left me little time to finish the wooden model, but over the course of the next three evenings I got some details painted, found some old decals and gave the whole thing a coat of matte varnish. The old decals showed some wear and tear as well as some silvering on the big wing number “2”, but these are just fun little time diversions, so alls good!


Here’s a little comparison of my civilian and military Piper Cubs


I found this a fun little project, one that I think you could do with a young person, one that has a little patients, and make it over the course of a weekend – especially if you pre-cut all the wood and wire – using CA glue instead of the wood glue would dramatically speed up the process.

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