Hobby Interuptus

Well folks next week I’ll be in Florence Italy for work, which will bring hobby time for July to a screeching halt. I had some plans for a couple of things I wanted to complete in July, and I got one completed and another operational, but not completed.

Since I recently picked up the 4 character Affliation Pack (CP 138) box set of Asgardians for Marvel Crisis Protocol, this will be my MCP focus for August.

This is an affiliation that I wanted to work on early in the games release, but then Guardians of the Galaxy and Web Warriors caught my eye. Cabal and Criminal Syndicate also jumped the line and Asgard just fell to the wayside.

Looks like August will be filled with black/blue and greens! Although, old school Thor was Blue, Red and Yellows … hmmm, might have to paint him twice if the comic look just doesn’t;t look good on the tabletop!

4 thoughts on “Hobby Interuptus

  1. Hmmm. No hobby……..work paying to go to Florence? No Hobby………work paying to go to Florence? My heart bleeds for you! NOT!

    The figures look great.

    Have a good time……… NO! I hope the smoke from Europe ablaze blots out the sun! You lucky b@#$%$&!

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