Christmas in July!

Sticking with my WWI trends, I found this 1/35 scale miniature that I forgot I had in the stash. Being a full resin figure he kinda blended in with the other figures I have; I bought a bunch of figures on eBay back when Covid hit the US hard two years ago. I guess with all the WWII I was doing, and still plan to do, I wanted a fun figure to paint.

Originally, I was gonna build a city park like this little diorama/vignette, but in the intervening time I decided do a trench scene. Watching some documentaries for idea showed me how horrid the real trench warfare was, and modeling the Christmas Truce of 1914 would mean more figures, but I have too many unboxed projects to start buying more. Starting my internet search for what actual WWI trenches looked like I found this site. I borrowed heavily from Mr. Belsey’s museum display pieces. And this is my second go around, the first turned out way too large.


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