Popsicle Stick Piper Cub

Full credit to this YouTube video, but I thought this would be a fun Father-in-Law/Son-in-Law model build (you’ll do well to remember this from a couple of years ago). I started by scanning in the google docs line drawing into the Cricut maker app and cut out the shapes to be traced on the to tongue depressor sticks (popsicle stick are much too narrow), but that looked like way too much work, so I decided to see if the circuit machine could cut the shapes for me out of basswood.

Lo and behold, yes it worked. Only the machine didn’t cut all the way through the sheet. This turned out to be okay, as doing the final parting by hand, while tiresome, made sure no parts split along the soft wood’s grain.


Turns out while I used basswood, I had set the machine up for balsa wood! So the above photo is the second time around, I’ll need another cutdown if the Father-in-Law decides to build one as well. Actually, I figured I would go finish the first cut to get a feel for the work. I can tell you that the second time around with the correct material settings the wheels came out circular rather than misshapen lumps.

The keen eyed amongst you will note some additional rectangles, squared and rhomboidal shape – those where added to the second cut to be glued and shaped into n-scale girder plate bridge cement abutments (for the model railroad that is fast coming together – sorta).

Anyway, after some gluing and lots of sanding I’ve gotten this far and managed to completely fuck the propeller!


Hopes are to complete this little experiment over the weekend, maybe even getting some paint on the beastie! One thing I’m planning to change up is to use florist wire in place of the straightened paperclips. The wire used to make the clips is way too large and doesn’t cut cleanly (and I’m not filing the wire into a clean cut, nope!).

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