What a week

I looked back at my blog today and was surprised I hadn’t posted anything in 10-days! I will have to say that this cold I caught on the flight back to North Carolina has kicked my butt! Most cold runs a cycle of a really crappy week and a second week of just feeling off, not this one! Two weeks of hacking and coughing and phlegm … ugh! It got so bad, that I did take a COVID test, still negative – small justice.

So while most nights I get home from work and crash, I have been slowly working some hobby time, there should be a few updates with this being a US Holiday weekend. In fact, my work has given us Friday, today, and Monday for the 4th of July Independence Day! Much of my spare time has been trying to finish up my entry for the “Fury’s Finest” painting challenge. It’s now completed, but by the rules I have to wait until after the 4th to post it on social media, so that post is on the schedule.

The other thing I’ve been working on is playing model railroad baron! it’s easy to lose an hour switching cars around, not to mention the daydreaming of maybe putting together a small layout. To that end, I’ve decided to take the Inglenook puzzle and fit it to a small board. This way I can practice the skills needs to model a railroad in the future. What I can tell you is that I now remember what kept me from building on in my youth … woodworking skills. Or rather the lack there of!

Just making a square box (or rectangle as the case may be), is a nightmare. I have neither the patents nor the tools to make furniture-like tables! Anyway, I’m pressing on wonky as it may be, there are still more bits of modeling skills to be learned. And truly, if it ends up being crap, all the railroading stuff is recoverable and I’m really out some scraps of wood, foam, and static grass!


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