A little humor from the Road

This week I was on the road for work, lots of driving, a Trade Show, a customer visit and a day at a secondary manufacturing site. All-in-all about 800-miles of driving over four days! So nights in different hotel rooms, road-side food more than good food and lack of sleep lead me to this gem of a news story. One you mostly like could/would only find in the good old US-of-A.

Here’s a link to the story.

The bit that I like is that this little town in Arkansas, south of Little Rock, is the birth-place of Johnny Cash (apparently a famous Country singer, which I guess makes him special, but it’s not my cup of tea), and they just spent $300K to refurbish the town’s Water Tower, which included a mural of said Mr. Cash. Then Someone decided to take their rifle (see the “only in America” connection?) and snipe a perfect shot. Just take a look and try not to laugh!

5 thoughts on “A little humor from the Road

    1. Just think of the balls it took, if you missed or were of target it would just be vandalism, even a couple of residents say the humor! Reminds me of a very large, “little boy peeing fountains”!

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    1. Seriously. I’m not sure I could make that shot, figuring the amount of drop for that change in relative height over whatever distance they had to be to make a clean get away. Some serious range time and lots of ballistic calculations went into that. There was zero “Kentucky windage” there!

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