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Way back before the Pandemic times, I found the game of Marvel Crisis Protocol and picked up the boxed core set and fell in love with a skirmish level game with Superheroes and Supervillains from my high school comic-book reading days. It wasn’t long before I found a couple of Podcasts to help me understand the game mechanics and strategies.

The first being Turn Zero Gaming, which hasn’t made any new content since November of 2020; and the second being Fury’s Finest. I like their approach, with comic background, MCU discussion (if the character has made it to the big or small screen), and game play. Chris and Jesse put out a wonderful product and it’s been something I listen to while painting quite often.

Their last podcast (episode 98) was all about the newly released Shadowland Dare Devil and building a Criminal Syndicate roster around him, which is interesting, but I feel grunts just overcomplicate a nice skirmish-level gaming system. They also introduced a second subject early in this particular podcast, a painting contest. Fury’s Finest is running a quarterly painting contest for their discord members!

They are calling the contest: “A Painting Gallery With No Doors”. I don’t think you need to be a Patron member to get into the discord channel, and I know you don’t have to support the podcast to enter the challenge. This quarter’s challenge/theme is to paint up an Affiliation Leader. The rules are listed on the sign-up sheet, but I’ve reposted them below:

Painting Gallery with No Doors Painting contest that will use a theme to paint a single model once a quarter. 

Theme will be selected by Dylan and winners from the previous quarter’s painting contest. Winner will receive a small prize mailed to them. Two other people will be randomly picked from all participants and they will receive a small prize as well to promote the act of painting. When quarter ends, members of the discord channel will vote on which model is the winner. Each member of the discord will get 1 vote. 

Picture must be taken of model before it is finished. The model can be built, primed, and have some base coats down, but it is not allowed to be almost complete when the picture is taken. The person is then allowed to take 4 pictures of the model to be displayed for the contest. You are not allowed to post WIPs or finished pictures of the model until after the contest is completed in order to make the showcase the best it can be.
Start Date: May 1st
End Date: July 4th
1 week of judging and voting
Spring Quarter Theme: Affiliation Leader
Submit pictures to

Here’s a link to the episode page: Link

I did finally decide to become a basic patron and sign-up for the contest – and not to win any prizes, but to challenge myself and get myself more involved in other communities. I know several of my regular followers also paint and play MCP, so I thought I push this out into our little corner of the blogosphere!

Since I don’t have a leader in the painting queue that isn’t nearly finished, this morning I ordered a leader that I don’t have, in an affiliation I haven’t spend time actively working on, but should have a fair number of the miniatures that can be in affiliation. That being said, I can’t post any pictures until after July 4th, but with an active May and June outside of this hobby space, it might just take several focused weekends to get the miniature to the point I would be happy to put it into a painting contest. I don’t plan to move outside my simple comic-book style for any contest, but I think the basic challenge is to just finish a model within a set timeline! Adding to the challenge is that this character is one that I have thought about for a while, but kept pushing out in favor of other characters.

10 thoughts on “MCP: Painting Contest

  1. Great idea Eric. I find it is always a motivator to have a fixed deadline. I hope you find it a real buzz communicating with others and maybe even win a prize. I enjoy your painting so who knows! Good luck. I understand the need to keep them under wraps, but post the results when you are able.

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    1. Once I finish the model, I’ll write up the post and schedule it out after the July 4th deadline, if I try to wait to include results from the contest, I just might forget about the post altogether! Besides there is a good chance I’ll be in Italy for work right after the deadline!


  2. I’m still struggling to get enough models painted for our first game/get the core box set painted. I don’t know who the Affiliation Leaders are at this stage, or even the factions (affiliations?) beyond the obvious ones like Avengers (is there anyone who hasn’t been an Avenger at this point in time?), X-Men, etc – let alone who the leaders are – again, beyond the comics of the 80’s and 90’s!
    Is there a handy online list? I’ve got three MCP models on the table right now, and if one of them happens to fit the criteria, then maybe I can get it finished in time….

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    1. On Atomic Mass Game’s website, there is a menu for Organized Play, which includes the Affiliation lists, it’s updates as new releases are released. Here’s a link to that page:
      If you only have the Core Box set, then your only have two leaders: Steve Rodger’s Captain America and Red Skull.


      1. Cheers for that! I’ve got a ton of the models at this point, but have decided to try and finish painting the core set before getting onto the others. 🙂

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      2. I understand that “too much left to paint” crunch. I focused down on the Core set before moving on to other characters. Even if I hadn’t decided on quick, simple paint schemes, superheroes and villains from the comic-books refreshingly are not overly saturated with needless details (I’m looking at you GW), and have simple 2-3 color schemes. They really paint up fast and look great on the table top.

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      3. Yeah very similar here. I did Rocket and Groot because my wife likes them a lot and also have Venom on the desk because Venom, but other than that I figure the core set models will be best for starting out with the game properly. I just wish MCP assembly was less painful with the needlessly tiny details as seperate pieces so often!

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    1. You’re welcome. I find myself often visiting that website for various references, including deciding what to purchase next – how does this character fit in multiple affiliations, base size, and card updates.
      Also thanks for wishing me good luck – my goal is to just get something done and entered, and prizes or accolades are just bonus. I have never entered a competition for my hobby stuff, so while it took some nerve to enter, now that I’m in, I’m itching to just get on with the task at hand – come on USPS, don’t delay that package!


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