A Little Fun on May 4

I know, two posts on one day, well if I’d known how cool today was gonna be I would have held off writing a quick post first thing this morning! Today is May the 4th, otherwise know forever at Star Wars Day. It’s a great geeky holiday that us Nerds love to celebrate, right up there with March 14th (Pi day!), which only works if you write your dates correctly: Month then Day!

Anyway, I was sitting at work, bored as usual, and thought to myself, I wonder if the wife would go for a couples model build? I mean she’s almost as big of a nerd as I am. A quick text message exchange and we arraigned to go into the big city grab a bite to eat and swing by the Local Hobby Lobby and pick up some Star Wars Ban Dai kits – bonus all boxed plastic kits were 40% off! We ended up with these two little 1/144 scale kits for around $12 for both!


Looks like a lot of little parts, but they really go together quickly and easily. Some of the connection points are quite thick, but all the details are crisp and fine, no ejector pin marks, that would show. No interior parts nor clear, but I fairly sure at this scale they wouldn’t;t show much detail. Maybe next year we’ll move up to the 1/72 scale kits!


Since they were snap-together kits, they fell together pretty quickly, we both finished in about 30-minutes, taking our time and having fun. The wife tried one of the stickers that came with her X-Wing, but didn’t like the look, so these gems are headed off the dinning room table and heading for the hobby bench – a little plastics cement and primer this evening and then we shall try to get them all painted up over the weekend! Below is the out of the box finished assembled kits.


3 thoughts on “A Little Fun on May 4

  1. Very cool, Eric! I built some Star Wars models many years ago and had no idea how to paint at the time. I’ve been tempted to get one and build it so I can paint it up as nicely as possible. Perhaps one day I’ll get around to doing that and this project is excellent inspiration.

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