MCP: Terrain Update

Finally found time to put some paint on the latest 3D printed pieces. I decided to make two of the Subway Entrances, kinda an easy way to balance out a board – at least that’s was the thought process.

As always, the process started with a thick coat or three of automotive filler primer. This helps fill in and printer errors or layer separations. This type of primer also allows for some light sanding, but I didn’t find that necessary. After letting that cure for 24-hours a quick rattle can flat black undercoat and then it was to the airbrush for an all over base coat of green, yellow and white acrylic inks. I think the shade looks close for a not so faded NYC green subway entrance.


The lamps got a base coat of sand and white before the yellow glow, while the little bit of sidewalk was coated in a concrete base coat. The interior and stairs where hard to get to as the whole thing was assembled before painting, I wanted to keep the color consistent and hide the joint a little better, but it did make for a tough go at painting them. Then again, you can see much detail under the roof. Finally I added some subway entrance signs and a little lighter green to add some visual interest. I’m still toying with the idea of adding graffiti, but I kind of like the clean comic-book look.

So for now they are done.

While it took more filament and time, you can see how much tree supports helped the roof on the left print

And I set a table in hopes of a quick game tomorrow evening, so of course I had to put these new additions on the mat!

BTW – the jar of flock is there to hold the mat down, it’s spent too much time rolled up and needs to flatten back out!

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