Game Night!

The weather out tonight was cold: 25 degrees! Thankfully there wasn’t any snow or ice today, but the steady winds more than made up for the lack of precipitation. So the wife and I decided to try a new cocktail while playing a game of Zombicide.

Rough Diamond is whiskey based cocktail that can be prepared both hot or cold, as the temps were a falling this evening we opted for the hot toddy version, and Bourbon was the whiskey of choice!

We also decided to try another user generated Quest for Black Plague, B3: Switcheroo!

“Rumors have been spreading about magical teleportation stones. We are going to recover them and attempt to harness their mystical powers. After all, the Zombicide never stops, and we’ll need all the help we can get!”

This is as a 60-90 minute game for 6 survivors, and that worked out just about correctly. The basic set-up is find the stones (gather all the objectives) and test them (get all the survivors to the exit). The 6 survivors are separated into two groups of 3 starting on opposite side of a U-shaped board set-up. the exit is buried in a room on the central connecting tile, who’s door is directly opposite a Zombie spawn zone! Another twist is that picking up one the the three red objectives instantly kills all the Zombies on the opposite leg of the “U” and then every survivor gets 5 exp – this game is gonna escalate quickly! There are two other objects, one blue and one green, one on each leg. The survivor that pick up one of these objectives/stones immediately teleports via switching places with another survivor on the opposite side of the board (thus the Switcheroo).

We were chugging along, both with the game and the Bourbon, and had all the objectives and the party was heading to the Exit. The three on the “left” leg took the opportunity of a clear path to the exit and left the board (mistake). Our second mistake was the two of the three that left had the only weapons strong enough to take down a fatty, and thanks to the high Orange level of Zombie spawning we had four of the big boys to push through to get to the exit.

One of the remaining survivors had slippery and could just bypass all the undead and leave the board in one turn, but the other two would need reduce the walkers and runners hanging around, but before we could figure that out, the one Necromancers on the board slipped away and ended the game as we had 6 spawn zones on the board.

The only changes we made to the basic rules was to pull half the Necro and double spawn cards out of the spawn deck, we did add one each back into the deck when we recycled the deck. It was a fun hour or two and we did figure out what we did wrong. And heck there are two more cocktail recipes in the Shaker and Spoon subscription box to get through. Maybe I’ll even find a recipe that hides the awful taste of scotch to justify buying a bottle!

Cheers and keep warm out there, that is if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere!

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