Zombicide: B1 Quest

Firstly, mums the word, no-one tell the boss I took a two-hour break this morning and decided to play a game of Zombicide Black Plague while “working from Home”. Secondly, it’s been far too long between games!

I decide to try one of the online, player designed quests, notably, Quest B1: The Dragonfiends. Advertised as a 4+ survivors, of medium difficult and taking approximately 90 minutes to complete (which it would have if work didn’t call in the middle of turn 5!). Here’s the set-up story arc:

Locating a Necromancers’ lair is not an easy task, and we may remember this one for a while. the cabal living her consorts with dragons. They are somewhere in the vicinity, and they’re set vile wards to protect their haven. These are dragon bile pools, triggered by black magic as soon as anyone comes too close.

You can run, but you can’t hide, Fiends!

The basic objectives are to: 1. Wipe out the cabal (no necromancers on the board), and 2. Take all the Necromantic Assets (the five Objective Markers). There is one master crafted weapon randomly in the objectives, and four piles of dragon bile place on the board at the start. All of the bile cards are removed from the deck, and they have special rules. One being if any actor ends it’s movement on that square, it slides forward in the same direction on additional square, unless it’s blocked by terrain from moving in the same direction (then your movement just ends), this makes getting to certain ares on the map only accessible from a certain direction or if you have a double move per action ability!

The second special rule is “springing the trap”, which happened when any actor(s) ends their move on the bile square. You then randomly draw from a pile of three objective tokens and if you pick the green “X”, you flip the bile. Fire become Dragon Fire (killing everything in the square) or a Magical Barrier, which block movement and line of sight through that square. Both effects end in the next end phase and can be trigger once again!

The only modification to rules I made was that I didn’t spawn a Necromancer’s entourage, just the Necromancer. One the very first turn, three Necromancer spawned in one building back-to-back-to-back, thus ending the game when the original Necormancer got two free activations and walked off the newly formed spawn zone, not his own! Uggh. Wan’t much of a reset, but I didn’t reshuffle the cards.

This time I still got one Necro in the first opened building, but was able to grab the blue token on the second surviver’s turn, which turned out to be an Orcish Cross bow in the hands of Clovis and he made brutal love with that melee and/or ranged weapon! It took 10 turns and Samson died on turn 5 while holding off 8 zombies of walkers, runner, and fattys in a single building for two turns, couldn’t get help to him soon enough and the extra activation zombie card drawl at the beginning of the second zombie turn was just too many wounds to block with a simple shield. However, it did not matter how many survivors made it top the end of the game, and I lucked out with Necromancers not spawning across the board late in the game and only one Abomination showing up with one Zombie deck reshuffle, that’s mighty good luck!

The game was fun, and lasted about the correct length of time, but did feel fairly easy to win. So maybe not spawning all the bits with a necromancer isn’t the answer. For this Quest, limiting the number of Necro on the board at any give time, just wouldn’t have worked either. Guess I’ll have to replay or play other quests and keep modifying the rules until I find the right balance.

Anyway, some gaming beats no gaming anyway of the week. Oh and I need to print more doors, I didn’t have enough and the ones I do have are getting a bit wreaked, time to go search thingiverse to see what’s new and get back to getting the printer printing again.

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