MCP: Venom

What I know about Venom I learned from the movies, what I like about the character is that he fits both the Web-Warriors and Spider-Foes affiliations. I remember from podcasts produced in the early releases of MCP, there were two camps: the Hulk or Venom.

Most of the comic book covers I reviewed for color used blue highlight to bring the all black symbolic “suit” to life on the pages, which has lead to most MCP painters using that same scheme. However, I did find several comic book series that used whites, grays, greens and purple, and the movie used silver and harsh lighting. I really like the purple look. And this is my painting guide:

Assemble was pretty straight forward, as are most of the MCP miniatures, but there was lots of gap filling before I could prime. In the end I choose to use the “hero rock” and just added some road marking to the base to add a spot of color in an otherwise fairly monotone miniature.

In less than 15 minutes the 13 parts were all together, well the “hero rock” and tongue were left as sub assemblies – mostly so I had better access to all the parts that didn’t need to be pink or concrete! Now the only question is what color to prime the beast!

I kinda wish they had gone with a double open claw hands, but the pose does convey the power of Venom quite well.

Of course I started with a black prime of Vallejo’s Surface Primer. Staying with the airbrush I started with a “zenith-style” midtone using a mix of dark purple and black, before brushing just the purple for the highest highlights.

All the white, was undercoated in a chocolate brown to tone down the black. The teeth got a base coat of an ivory, saving the white for just the tips!

And while I am definitely more of a Peter Parker type, there are many days I feel like this in my own house:

And finally, Venom in all his glory! Note the gloss varnish on that tongue, I tried to get that slime look. I also took artistic license to paint his nails a very light grey, having them match the black of the comic books, they got lost in the scale of the miniature, so I made them pop!

Oh and the eagled-eye amongst you, will note the black rimmed base, like the Punisher, Venom falls into that Bad guys doing good things, sometimes category. Which meant I really couldn’t put him fully into the Superhero nor the Supervillain camp, thus the neutral black rim.

4 thoughts on “MCP: Venom

  1. Terrific, that purple on the suit (or skin?) really captures the image you started with. The gloss look on the tongue is also suitably horrible, as befits the Venom of yore when he was always the baddie.

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