Organization Comes to the Work Bench

I saw that Steve over at Bogenwald purchased some paint racks to tidy up his work bench, unbeknownst to me when I ordered my MDF paint rack, they arrive only a few days apart!

What started like this:

With a little sanding and white glue, ended up like this:

I still got my big box of Army Painter paints and all my Model Air paints that need racking. I’ve decided to give this rack a shot for a while and if it helps with the clutter and searching for paints, then I’ll order more racks if it helps the way I intend.

9 thoughts on “Organization Comes to the Work Bench

  1. Those look great! There are some really nice racks for different paint pots on Thingiverse too, and you can print them pretty rough. I use the following:

    For Citadel contrast pots and washes:
    For Vallejo style dropper bottles: and

    I also have an MDF rack, these paints just keep building up, don’t they…

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    1. I have printed off a 9 bottle rack before, and Im think I saw it in one of the moving boxes recently, It’s nice to throw the current paints into something I can have closer to the work area.
      As to building up paints, yeah, I was surprised how many I do have, I could easily fill two more of those racks! But there is something top be said about getting a new color!

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