Diorama: ACW Chancellorsville, April 30 1863, part I

My knowledge of the American Civil War (AWC) is fairly limited, even with it being taught as part of our high school American history classes (which tended to focus more on the Revolutionary and WWII), but I do know that it was the highest American Casualty rate for any conflict that my country has been involved in fighting. Chancellorsville was the start of South’s push Northward, and is considered Lee’s “Perfect battle”; it has the distinction of being the 2nd bloodiest battle of the entire war.

Having grown up north of the city of Philadelphia, there is much more Revolutionary war history than ACW being that we are 50-miles north of the Mason-Dixon Line. Sadly, I have never been to Gettysburg park, even though its a short 2.5-hour drive west on the PA turnpike. What I can say is that the 8th Pennsylvania was a volunteer regiment from my home town of Philadelphia, that existed until 1865, when it was consolidated into the larger 2nd Pennsylvanian Calvary Regiment. And they did fight at Chancellorsville, but I am depicting their charge across Ely’s Ford two days before the bigger battle.

The Army of the Potomac (the good guys!) had been probing around Northern Virginia several days before the main battle, trying to find a secure crossing of the Rapidan River to cut off the rebel’s supply lines. I choose this battle, because there was a charge across the ford and the 8th was able to rout the rebel forces, as to opposed to the box art for this figure set, which timeline would have been the chaotic “Keenan’s Charge” at Hazel Grove, which saw the Regiment retiring from the fight with significant losses.

Surprisingly there are only two sprues, but the usual level of quality is delivered by Master Box. Each horse is in an action pose, I think of them as charging down a hill or landing after jumping over a barricade – I’m going to do them charging down a muddy river embankment.

Three mounts, glued but not puttied – love the action poses

The Troopers. They each have 7 bits – legs, body, arms head and a cap, and only one saber was pre-snapped out of the box. I’ve decided to leave much of the extra bits off allowing me to use the airbrush to get the blues completed and then add the scabbards and carbines.

I also got some standard Union Troopers, two firing or aiming their muskets, one reloading and a fourth depicted as being shot. I’ve stated before that I’m not keen on modeling dead soldiers, so this dude is going to be modified to be raising a bugle to his lips and his kept (cap) falling off. If he doesn’t look right, then he’ll go into the “bits box” for practice. I’m going to see if I can combine them into one tight diorama. So far the scale between ICM and MB seems to match better than kits from Tamiya.

Still working on putting everything together, putty-work and then onto priming. Goal is to see if I can get them done in early February. Stay tuned for another update in a couple of weeks.

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