Oh No Omicron!

As my fellow blogger documented the new spread of Covid-19 in France, here I sit in the bible-belt of the US, not the deep south, but still southern enough that many of the hillbillies in the western part of the state refuse to get vaccinated. Why? Well because, “Free-Dumb!”

Seriously, it’s because the political Right in this country politicized a healthcare issue to try and keep an aging loser wannabe dictator in power. The second biggest influencer is the evangelical protestant church. They preach against vaccinations, against basic health directives set up by leading scientist and doctors at WHO and CDC. Why believe in science when all you have to do is pray hard enough to fairytale god and you will be saved!

Why do I write all this, well because today I got sent home from work for 5 days. Why? Because I tested negative for Covid-19 (My fourth time since this all started), but four other of my co-workers tested positive. There are 3 of us in the office and another 4 lab techs. The one we all suspect is patient zero is the one who preaches the most against vaccines was the last to be tested and I got caught up in his contact trace. He’s out for 10-days, but has been sick for over a week and at work.

This Omicron variant is running rampant through the US, especially in places where vaccination rates are low, like western North Carolina.

So now I get to work from home for the reminder of the week and it’s gonna be hard to not seek down to the hobby bench and paint! (I guess there is always a silver lining).

14 thoughts on “Oh No Omicron!

    1. Same over here, you can still get the virus vaccinated, but if unvaccinated you are 13x more likely to end-up in the hospital. I agree with your second statement, if you’re not vaccinated, stay home and don’t log-jam the healthcare system for those of us who care about our fellow human beings!

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      1. Yes agree. Unfortunately we have our share of idiots in Australia as well. Maybe if Biden put out a declaration that is was mandatory NOT to be vaccinated the goons would rush out for the jab!
        Sadly our politicians are not covering themselves in glory with all of this because they are more worried about Federal and State elections later in the year!

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      2. I had this discussion with my superior at work, this issue is a healthcare issue and never should have been politicized. I didn’t want to argue with him when he stated, “Yes from both sides”, because we all know it’s only on side making it a political football – those that want Trump as dictator for life!

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  1. I work from home and it has been great for getting painting done so I hope it has the same effect for you. I’m sorry to hear about your experience with COVID at your workplace. I’ve been dealing with family who don’t want to get vaccinated and I’m very thankful I don’t live in Ohio anymore. Here in Illinois, masks are required, a lot of people are vaccinated and it just feels safer. In more conservative places that I’ve been, you feel judged for even having a mask on. Its so ass-backwards to my mind anyway! Especially considering the unvaccinated are why we’re still dealing with the pandemic…

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    1. If you think Ohio is back, come to the South! Holy crap man, even in the larger cities you get that “look” when wearing a mask – mostly from white males with Trump gear or some other over the top conservative embroidered hat! But I don’t mined, it’s kept me from getting the disease so far. And I get a lot more nods and knowing winks from minorities, which is good, because we’re all human beings no matter our skin color!
      I’m really sorry to hear you have family that are ignorance of the science behind the vaccines, everyone in my family, both sides, that is eligible for vaccination is fully vax’ed! Even the trumpers on the wife’s side, they don’t want to vote for Democracy, but they don’t want Covid-19 either.
      Oh, and yeah, I’m getting more painting done, unfortunately instead of focusing down on one or two projects, I’ve seemed to have started a few more, so everything is either just started, WIP or nearing completion! Time to go push a few over the finish line!

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      1. I haven’t been to the proper South in a long time and I’m a bit scared to, to be honest! My wife wants to live somewhere warmer and I told her that pretty much under no circumstances do I want to live in a Southern city for the reasons you’ve described. I was also depressed enough as Ohio became more Republican as Obama was President and it has transitioned into something even worse now with Republicans running most of the government in the state. I would also add that it is very good that you’re family is vaccinated. My family gets along for the most part and this issue is the first I’ve seen that is causing a great deal of division and discomfort. There just isn’t much you can do to convince some people that what they’re doing is dumb either!

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  2. Fingers crossed you stay safe. Despite working from home for nearly 2 years my wife and I caught in Dec last year. Even vaccinated it was like bad flu for a week for me – dread to think what it would have been like without vaccination. We are lucky that vax coverage in the UK is pretty good, but there are still anti-vax idiots protesting and damaging test centres. It is nuts – I don’t understand how public health becomes a political issue since we have had vaccines for so long and they are about one of the cheapest and most effective medical interventions you can do!

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  3. Hey mate we are lucky being out in a small town where everyone does the right thing like getting there vaccinations and wearing there masks. I love it when you say you have many irons in the fire !! I’m in the same dilemma, I suppose I should just resist buying more stuff!!though I am sticking with the new policy to finish things completely before starting another.

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    1. Let me tell you, this not starting something before the project on the bench is done is driving me nuts! I’m still ordering stuff as I start to at least look at the pile of scale models and all the diorama possibilities!

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