Urban Terrian

Finally got all the bits printed, filled, primed and painted for several building that we plan to set the mood for games of Marvel Crisis Protocol or other modern setting games that aren’t set in the “Grim Dark”. Heck I even managed some WIP Pix!

It took a while to get it all finished, with many color changes along the way. The 3D printing wasn’t the best, but it will do for tabletop and mood setting. I really like the way the brick came out on the Post Office, it would be fun to get a bunch of NYC Apartment buildings. Only thing left from the bundle is the subway station entrance; saving that for when I get the printer back up and running and maybe print up a central park-like city garden.

Oh, and be thankful for all the women and little girl who like making bobbles, for this gives us Mod Podge’s Dimensional Magic. This stuff allows the paper tokens to be sealed up agains wear and tear. Now that I have a bunch more from all the new boxes, I thought it time to crack open my last bottle and seal them up!

11 thoughts on “Urban Terrian

    1. The key is to not shake the stuff or create air bubbles! have toothpick handy and pop or remove the bubbles as soon as you see them. Also plan one day or side one and a second day for side two, otherwise they might stick to your waxed paper! Also, I like coloring in the edges with a sharpe, they just look more polished, even if you’re the only one to notice 😉

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      1. Thanks mate – I do remember reading it and thinking at the time it sounded like a good idea, but having seen your results, it’s definitely something I’d like to have a go at, though when I look at all my games, I wonder where I’ll stop!

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