Netflix Bingeing Update

See this post for the list.

I was halfway through season two of DareDevil when I started the list. DD was finished quickly – good story, great plot and just enough action/superhero stuff mixed with gritty street level grunge. Yeah, on to Luck Cage!

What can I say, I like the concept of Luke Cage, but the series was a slough. It felt like three different stories in one! Black dude with impenetrable skin, quick healing and super strength, yet we don’t have a supervillain to complement our hero, as the “bad guys” move from Cottonmouth to Diamondback to Shades – all street-level thugs with ready armies of dude ready to throw themselves at Luke?!

My real issue, however, was that it seemed like every episode used a musical number 2-3 a show and the liberal use of the N-word. Now I’m not so shallow to know that black folks use that word amongst them selves, but as this series was tagged as “black live matters”, shouldn’t;t the producers and writers show young black folks that they don’t need that word to tell the story of a Black Superhero cleaning up impoverished Harlem?

Anyway, on to Iron Fist, here’s hoping this series is more interesting than Luke Cage or Jessica Jones.

4 thoughts on “Netflix Bingeing Update

  1. I’ll be curious to hear what you think of Iron Fist. I’ve heard it is not only the worst of the four Defenders solo shows that Netflix made but its also one of the worst Marvel things made in recent years.

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    1. I’m just starting episode 8, and I like it better than Luke Cage or Jessica Jones, but it’s a far cry from Daredevil! I would put Cage at the bottom, then Jones followed by Iron Fist, with Daredevil at the top.

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