2021 Year End Round-Up

I spent some time this week reviewing my goals I set out for this year and what I was able to achieve this year. A quick check of the stats shows an uptick in views, visitors and followers. Not sure how many followers are followers versus bots, but an increase is an increase. As for the increase in views and visitors that’s a bit more surprising as I published around 50 less posts in 2021 vs. 2020.

Back to the discreet goals I set for myself last December. I broke down my painting into Scale Modeling and Miniatures. In my mind those are two distinctly different mindsets and painting styles. Scale Modeling requires accurate build-ups, colors and period representations, often with some historical research thrown in for good measure. Miniatures painting, for me, focuses on gaming miniatures. That type of painting may or may not have game system schemes, can require less precision (especially when painting bulk armies or hordes of zombies!).

The two goals where meet, with the bulk of the scale modeling dioramas coming early in the year and miniatures later. I wanted to do a diorama a month and ended up cranking out 13, with one model on it’s own and no diorama base (that would be the Father-in-law’s Mosquito); as for miniatures, if it wasn’t for MCP not much would have happened. I did get 21 miniatures painted, based and ready for play. I also accrued and finished 3 new Necromancers for Zombicide that I painted up last January. That makes 24 miniatures, when my goal was a modest 6.

I also had a goal of trying and applying new modeling techniques, about 1 per quarter. The timing wasn’t exact, but I did manage to find some new stuff to try. Static grass, casting plaster, resin water affects, using oil-based paints and acrylic inks.

One of the goals I didn’t achieve, and had completely forgotten about was to paint a larger scale bust. I really wanted to expand my painting to more realist faces and detail painting earlier in the year. I had grand plans to take an actual art class and/or geek out on YouTube tutorials on getting skin tones right for say 1/16 or 1/10 scale miniatures. This will go back on the 2022 list, I just need to find the right “test” figure and if I do well, then get one to two more that I would be proud to display for the public.

I set a blogging goal of at least 50 posts for 2021 and I managed over 90! One of the things I was thinking of doing, and did so in the first quarter of the year, posting more WIP posts. I’m still not good at taking WIP pictures, but once a week posting isn’t a bad goal to keep.

I had one non-hobby goal for 2021, and that was to cycle at least 3000-miles. Having a new Peloton bicycle helped push me over the goal when the available daylight after work started to fade fast.

Let’s set-up 2022’s hobby goals.

  1. Dioramas, yes please. Although with my work schedule I’m going to cut the goal back to a mostest one every quarter, maybe every other month if time permits.
  2. Minatures. There will definitely be more MCP miniatures in 2022 (I already have some on the way). A new Zombicide Kickstarter is supposed to ship this summer, so there will be literally hundreds of those to paint. I’m still thinking an MCP box per month is a good goal.
  3. If time permits, or should I actually check out the local GW store, I could see stripping some old miniatures and repainting them. This is a transitory goal – a maybe if the mood and time permits.
  4. Large Scale. More research for Q1, and then make the decision to jump in or not. The goal being at least one larger scale figure or bust in 2022. More if I fall in love with that type of more realistic painting.
  5. Blogging. Oh bother. Let’s set a goal of at least one post a week. If I get half of the hobbying above completed that should easily give me 50-52 post in a year.
  6. Gaming. This has been my nemesis over the 3 years. Lack of a good gaming group, a 2 year+ long pandemic and lack of time certainly have been major factors. I would like to do at least a game of some sort every other week – Zombicide(solo or group), MCP, maybe back to 5 Parsecs?

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