A Marvel Round Up

I’ve come to the end of all the models I bought for Marvel Crisis Protocol for this year. I bought Characters that I liked from my childhood, Characters that I thought the wife and I could play, and some that I just thought would be fun to paint. There are many, many more I want to paint and play, so that will start in 2022.

For now this is what I’ve got painted up, by affiliation.

Avengers. For some reason I thought I had a larger collection of Avengers, but it’s only the Core Box plus a Hulk! This was my least favorite comic-book group growing up, and I think their ranks will grown purely from organic additions.

Cabal. Half are from the Core set, but I made an effort to add to this collection to have a straight forward beater, in-your-face group for intro games and to get the wife hooked. I think the few games we’ve played have proved to the wife that the basic game play is fairly straight forward and quick enough that she can play a more complex group of characters. Still, I like many of the models and can see myself adding to this group in 2022.

Criminal Syndicate. Besides the painting challenge, King Pin was the main reason I started collecting pieces for this affiliation. The missing members are all characters I’m interested in or come in boxes with other characters that i would like to add to the collection.

Web Warriors. For nothing more than boyhood memories this is my favorite affiliation. **Spoiler** I have Venom coming, the eBay auction was won and paid for, so he will probably be the first MCP hero/villain for 2022**spoiler**, and I can see amazing Peter Parker added for the sculpt alone, but I’m not sure about Black Cat – there are alternate 3D resin prints out there. All-in-aal a very dynamically posed group!

Spider Foes. This is one I want to expand, as it contains many of the classic Spider-Man villains from my youth! Not first on the 2020 wish list, but a close second! Lots of big bases so far!

Defenders. This one just kinda came about based on models on hand. I’m sure the list of miniature will grow, but not by design, as I really don’t have a love of Dr. Strange. If the group grows larger, then maybe I’ll pick up Strange, but I’m still not sure who Clea is?

Unaffiliated. Punisher do I need to say any more??

8 thoughts on “A Marvel Round Up

  1. That’s brilliant to see them all laid out like this, you must be very proud of your work here. Im especially enjoying the photos on the scenery. I was vaguely planning to do a similar post so I’ll try to get my minis organised by affiliations soon.

    I hope that they bring you as much pleasure on the tabletop as they did on the painting desk.

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