This and That

Today was supposed to be a light day, filled with painting, playing, and one home repair task. Yeah, that new over the stove microwave oven took far too long, with one trip to the hardware store. The issue was that the previous owner of this house used glass tile as a backsplash under all the kitchen cabinets, but ran the tile all the way up behind the microwave over the stove. And as we all know, a new appliance never uses the same mounting bracket and fastening points, which means drilling four new holes through a 3/8″ inch thick tempered glass tile! And me without any masonry bits! The hardware store had the 7/32 bit, but no 5/8 bits! So after drilling four holes with the smaller bit, the two top holes were enlarged to ragged holes with a combination of chisels, punches and a hammer. Once that task was completed, the rest was a breeze, but by now it was early afternoon!

So no painting was accomplished, not even rattle can priming on the various 3D printed terrain bits, as it was raining all day. Speaking of 3D printing, I have another over 24-hour print on right now and have tried several new slicing techniques – in combination with new springs and a glass bed. Suggestions to use a Concentric first layer, increased temperatures for the bed and hot end on that first layer, worked well to get that first layer to lay dead flat. I also tried using the “Lightening” infill for this roof structure, it worked well on the City Bus, and seems to be working well for this open structure. Here are some pictures at about 30% and then 80% complete to help you understand what the Lightening infill is all about.

Lastly, the wife and I did get an intro MCP game it, I think she enjoyed the game even though she was behind in VP and almost pulled out a victory on the last turn, it ended up me by 1 VP, but with Captain America dazed and Crossbones Ko’ed, thankfully Iron Man was able to grab a second Cosmic Cube to stop the game from ending in a tie! For her she was just a little too timid with Captain Marvel, but proved Zemo and Doc Oct to be murder machines!

Crossbones about to get thrown into that size three tree by Doctor Octopus, and this after Zemo put two Bleed tokens on him!

And now, time for libations and a little TV time!

9 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Nice going to get in a game with family – I hope you both enjoyed it a lot. A minor point that we got wrong at first too is that each character can only have the bleed condition one at a time so no stacking multiple tokens on a character.

    I love that mat with the preset positions for the crisis tokens too.

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    1. Went back and re-read conditions and you are correct only one type of condition at a time – make Zemo and Bullseye a little less annoying, but only slightly! Thanks for the catch!
      Mats by Mars, you can get all kinds of sizes and overlays.


      1. Cheers, I might look into Mats By Mars.

        Just to be clear (as I re-read my comment and it’s pretty poorly written): a character can have lots of conditions at the same time but only one of each. So having Bleed, Root and Stun would be fine but having 2 instances of Bleed wouldn’t.

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