3D Printing Extravaganza!

With my last post I talked about the files I purchased from Corvus Game Terrian and printing off the NYC Police cruiser, that is nearly finished the small letter masking didn’t do as well as I had hoped and pulled some of the blue ink under coat off to reveal the black primer, but that will be fixed. However, I did try printing the small vendor shop and discovered two things.

1. 125% increase in size is too big if you’re gonna mix it with the Core Box terrain (105% was much closer) and,

2. I really needed to reset the Printer, way too much stringing! Below you can see what I’m talking about

Apparently, after updating Cura, my free online slicer of choice, the new version wiped all my hot end settings! I had to go back in manually and reset retraction and z-hop, as wel as dropping my nozzle temp after the initial layer from 200-195C. That really did help with the prints, but I wasn’t really interested in re-printing the same building for the third time – so off I forge ahead to print my longest print ever!

Well it would have been if I could have fit it all on the print bed, luckily, Corvus Game Terrian provided a split version for printing in two “halves”. After a 15 and half hour print yesterday and another 23-hour print over night we have this 115% scaled-up City Bus! (I’m calling this a Size 4 terrain piece for throws). The wheels will add another 1/4-inch to the height and where printing away when I left for work this morning. I added my recently finished Bullseye figure to the photo for a size comparison.

I also tried Cura’s new “Lightening” infill. It saves time and filament, but only printing internal bridges near the top layer. Thus most of the bus is hollow, but the front and rear ends have support under them to keep good detailing. Not sure how durable I will be in the long run, but I would have been a nervous wreak with two prints over 30-hours for each half!

12 thoughts on “3D Printing Extravaganza!

  1. Man, this 3D printing lark sounds well complicated and a lot of work – 23 hour print! I think I might stay in the cave after all, and continue making things out of wood😁
    The Bus does look great though, and the scale’s spot on. How much does it cost to print something like that; is it cost effective?

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    1. Last time I bought filament it was like $20 per Kg, so for this project I think I’m all in for less than $3 in materials and the printer draws less electric than a 60w light bulb. So with all the mis-prints, I think the bus cost under $5 before assembly and painting.

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      1. That’s about the size of it. My wife bought me a little intro printer a few years back and I’ve upgraded since then, going through sprouts when I print a lot and then it sits. Still, it’s nice to have the technology handy for when I want to play.

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