MCP: Bullseye

The DareDevil comic book series by Marvel Comics in the late 70’s and early 80’s was one of my great joys, and so I’m not unfamiliar with the villain Bullseye. I will say that I was pretty unimpressed with Colin Farrell’s adaptation of Bullseye as an Irishman, as I really wanted to hear all the snide quipping done with a solid Bronx accent!

Once again, Atomic Mass Games knocked the pose out of the park. While an action pose would have fit this character as well, I love the snarky face and throwing knives held behind his back – you could never trust Bullseye in the comic book, so why start now!

I chose to paint Bullseye is light tones of blues and bright whites. I tried to get some lining in a dark blue using thinned down oil paints, but it was hit or miss. I ended up going back around with white to perk-up the highlights between the rings on his collar, the rings on his forehead, gloves and boots, while leaving some of the bluish tinged white on the holster and gun belt. I’m pretty happy with the way he turned out, even if the miniature didn’t quite reach the idea I had in my mind’s eye.

All-in-all a fairly easy figure to paint, and he looks good at table top viewing distance. If I had one suggestion for this model it would be to leave the behind the back arm off while painting, and assemble it once his back is completed – especially if you are going for a much more layered or “realistic” gaming look.

14 thoughts on “MCP: Bullseye

  1. Super stuff, I love that you’ve even made the whites quite blue here. Bullseye has long been maligned as among the worst heroes in the game so hopefully the upcoming change to his card makes him a joy to get on the table.

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    1. I did go out to AMG’s website and saw that they are adjusting some cards, but at the, moment we just need to get some playtime in, I really hope this game does slip us by before we get ’round to playing.


  2. Great color choice on this one and an awesome sculpt to boot! Do yourself a favor and watch Season Three of Daredevil on Netflix. Bullseye on that show is really well done and kind of creepy. I have a feeling you’ll like it quite a bit better than the movie!

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    1. Ha! I just finished up Season 1, but now I’m looking forward to watching the next two! And yes, next to Netflix’s “Punisher”, their “DareDevil” is easily number 2. Can Netflix please redo Spider-man, please!!

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