Finished Throwing Terrain

Earlier I posted about actually using my 3D Printer again, and now I have those tree and shrub prints painted and ready for some game play (maybe, hopefully, some day ….). Anyway, I did finally figure out the canopy situation, it looks like the designer mislabeled V1 and V2, so that when I thought I was printing a different top, I printed two the same things! So once I figured that out I have three threes!

So here’s where were started:

First coat of craft paint applied:

And the finished bits. (I’m thinking bushes are size 1 and the trees could be size 2 or 3)

I had to add two layers of the base Green to the leaves before dry-brushing them with a Green Apple color. The bushes (now 4!) had a similar approach to painting, but started from a darker green base (Holly Brush green was the color on the bottle). The tree trunks started with a heavy over-brush of brown, followed by a dry-brush of light brown and grey mix. The ground and rocks all got a concrete color applied to make the terrain feel more city-like. I picked out any extra bits with more out of the bottle color and glued every thing together.

Iron Man and Capt’n America thrown in for some scale.

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