No Excuses (time)

Uggh, I hate hobby-block. I want to go and paint and complete a project, and I’ve been able to scrape together 3-4 hours a week to work the 4-5 projects I have on the hobby desk, but it feels like things are moving at a snails pace One of those things that are holding me back, besides not finding enough time, it the frightful condition of my brushes. Over the last 2 years or so, I’ve taken the approach that I’d rather buy cheap brushes as I’ve never been able to keep good ones in great shape. Being unemployed for much of last year only reenforced that feeling.

For a while now I’ve been eying some better brushes, so much so that the wife was tired of me taking about them and told me to just buy them! Well you, my fellow hobbyists, know that when you get the green light from SWMBO, you don’t pause! Today the mailman dropped these on the doorstep:

I have two other Army Painter brushes, the first came with the Mega Paint set I purchased 6 years ago when I decided to get back into the hobby. That brush is still in my “Jar-o-Brushes”, but it’s only used for washes and broad base-coating, as the bristles won’t hold a fine point anymore.

So here’s to a hopeful to something new and shiny kicking my but into gear!

7 thoughts on “No Excuses (time)

  1. I use both cheap brushes for the size 2 + and expensive ones for below that size. My rationale is I need good quality brushes that don’t go “fuzzy” on me for the finer detail. The Monte marte range of artist supplies has some very good triangular shaped handles (like ergonomic pen holds) that are good quality, cost about AU$8.00 and last for a reasonable amount of time, with the time depending on if I am painting metal or plastic. The metal seems to cut up brushes quicker!

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  2. Brushes, I have always used quality ones but they when using enamel paint I certainty buggered them up pretty quickly, one would last about a month before the tip curled up on me, but now I have changed to acrylics they last for months!
    As for the old Hobby Block! I have a bad case at the moment mate, I suppose it is because its spring and keenly working out in the garden taking in some nice warm weather.

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    1. I wish I could blame it on “spring fever”, but up and over here in the US, we are getting to the dark and cold weather. My issues is really more about not having time during the week, and then filling the weekends with getting out and enjoying the sunshine. This too shall pass. Hope your hobby block eases up, I do enjoy your posts!

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