Some Scenery

Now that I have the 3D Printer up and running it time to make some stuff! With lots of time on my hands at the new job (learning a new system takes many little steps, but also leaves lots of dead time), I spent some quality time on YouTube and Thingiverse. What I found was some interesting trees and shrubs for Gloomhaven by Robagon, which I plan to repurpose for Marvel Crisis Protocol.

The shrubs are a quick 30-minute print; and the Trees are V1 and V2. V2 is more refined and has three pins in the tree that slot into the canopy! I printed what I thought as one of each tree type, but it turned out two V2 canopies and a V1 and V2 tree. The trees took about 10-hours each, and the canopies are a long 17.5-hour print! I have a second tree on the printer for over night, and will use the V1 tree as a dead or winter tree!

Just a quick update to let you guys know I’m alive, but only finding snippets of time to work on hobby. But trust me there is a mess of various things on the desk top! I think I have like 5 drafts, one for each project queued up. I add little bits to each draft as I think I’m at a place where I can add something. Maybe I should just post WIPs, but I kinda like having a single post on each major project.

The plan for these bits are to get them primed and quickly painted and dry-brushed. They will then be ready to be used as size 1 and 2 throwable terrain for MCP! (Yes, we still haven’t played a single game) Stay tuned for, hopefully, finished trees later this week!

4 thoughts on “Some Scenery

  1. hey mate! it has always been the question for me, do I do WIP or just wait until the jobs done!I still haven’t worked out which way is better so I split it and do a bit of both!! It will probably take a bit of time before your sorted having started a new job, but I’m sure you will have it all sorted out in no time!

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