Our Southern European Adventures

Back from Italy and still jet lagged and 5-7 pounds heavier! I would have liked to fill up this page with grand pictures of our travels around Rome and the Amalfi Coast, but I decided not to pack the 35mm camera and just use my cell phone. Which I promptly dropped day one onto the cobble stone streets of Rome. My already damaged protective lens cover did not hold up to the task and the ability to take any semblance of phone was lost. Luckily I did bring my iPad, so that I could to the self-administer Covid-19 test required to get back into the US!

So gentle readers I have not cool pictures, but I do have a new iPhone scheduled to be delivered on Thursday! I shouldn’t be too upset, I had this old iPhone 7 for over 4 years. And, no I did not upgrade to the latest and greatest generation – those phones are just too large for my takes and pants pockets! Instead I opt’ed for the SE model. I like the size (same as a 7), the single camera lens (simple to operate) and the higher memory capacity (2x what I had before) and that it works with all the accessories I already own!

Lastly, let me just say that I really didn’t have Italy on my “bucket list” of things I wanted/needed to do, but it was fun. I could have done with less history of the Christian religion (growing up Catholic, this felt like a throw back) and more time learning about the Romans and other history.

There were three things I was looking forward to, the Colosseum, Pompeii and Monte Cassino. The first two delivered, although I would have liked to have spent more time at the Colosseum, but the tour group had a walking tour of Rome scheduled (I would have shortened the time at the Vatican, Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapter). Pompeii should have included more paster casts of the victims. They only had two on display, as they were repairing the remaining casts. I just wondered why they didn’t make display pieces from concrete and put them where the originals where found – that would have been far more interesting to see where they had gathered and how they tried to survive.

Lastly, Monte Cassino. This was by far the place I wanted to go the most. My father and I often talked WWII history, watch old crappy movies about WWII and this was what we connected over the most in our lifetimes. So I was ready to explore the old abby, see some history and learn more about the 4-months of allied struggles that nearly derailed the liberation of Europe in 1944. Alas, that whole can of worms was a 5-minute footnote and the guided tour was more gibbering about religious monks and their churches! I seriously have got to find a WWII tour or museum!

Anyway, I’m back, laundry is complete and now I need to find time to sleep so I can get back to the modeling bench! Oh and no pasta for the next month!

7 thoughts on “Our Southern European Adventures

  1. I share your interest and enthusiasm for Roman History so that is what I’d like to do the most when I make it over there. I’m glad the Colosseum and Pompeii (mostly) delivered! 🙂

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  2. Ah mate, so sorry it wasn’t that much fun but hey it was your wife fun trip! did she enjoy it?
    I had to laugh at the phone sager , on our trip to the UK in 2018 I lost my phone so i had no photos , lucky my wife had taken her camera so we did end up with photos, to many I think!

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    1. Hey Pat! It wasn’t a total bust for me, but as you stated it was my wife’s choice! I did have fun, but was glad to get back home for one breakfast food (I always feel like European breakfasts are a combination of lunch and desserts!).

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